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7 Foods That Save Us From Dining Hall Hell In A Ghanaian Boarding School



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If you’ve ever been to a Ghanaian boarding school, ‘Gas’ is probably a term you’re very familiar with. It’s the soup that no one knows the recipe.  

The foods served at Ghanaian boarding schools can be OK. The likes of B Konto [Kontomire stew with beans], Coloured [Jollof rice] and Rice Kont [Rice and Kontomire stew] were served us for the most parts of the years we stayed in school.

However, when the going got tough, these were the foods that saved us all from the bondage of dining hall hell.

1. Gari

Gari is the bread of life the bible talked about if you’ve ever been at a boarding house in Ghana. We know who Jesus is but the Son of God will even give you gari if you ever asked him for food in a Ghanaian boarding school.

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2. Shito

Serving the masses since the days of Adam. Gari and shito, rice and shito, spagh and shito, kenkye and shito. Yas! Both the Ga and Fante kenkey. Shito can’t be underrated. Once you have this in your chopbox, you’re covered everytime.

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3. Piccadilly and Cabin biscuit (Sh3mema)

Legend has it that this was the first thing boarding house students asked their parents for before going to school. That, before even their school fees.

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4. Tin Fish

Tin fish could make your dining hall meal like a king’s dinner. It could also be your ticket to getting invited to someone’s gari and shito. It’s like a VVIP ticket for Ghana Music Awards, gives you access to lots of goodies.

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5. Milo (Cocoa powder)

This was found in almost every chopbox. No matter how poor your parets are, they won’t deny you a tin of Milo. A little of that and a little gari is all you need to satisfy your stomach.

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6. Powdered Milk

Where there is milo, there is milk. And the powdered form was the best boarders could manage.

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7. Kalyppo

This is not about any political campaign. Kalyppo was cheap. Your Ghanaian parent was not going to buy Don Simon. Anka w’anya de3! Kalyppo has been trending in Ghanaian boarding schools before it became a political statement.

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