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Body nt b firewood oo…..I Never Got Aroused When Shooting ‘Awurama’ Music Video – Lady In Lord Paper’s Video



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Nana Yaa, the lady in Lord Paper’s most talked about music video for his single, Awurama says she has received negative comments from Ghanaians about the video she featured in but she is not worried.

The video vixen in an interview with Kwasi Aboagye on Peace FM Saturday said Ghanaians are allowed to share their thoughts on the video but their comments does not tickle her because she does what will make her happy but not others.

The lady who is not worried told the host “someone could just stand somewhere and say something andget away with it because they weren’t available when shooting it. Besides I’m not bothered. Right now it’s like the whole world against one person and I don’t have to explain myself to every single person.”

She said the video is not ‘pono’ as some have described it. When asked if she aroused when shooting the music video, she answered negative. Nana Yaa disclosed that everything in the video was acted so there was no way she could get arouse.

“The whole concept of the video is to make you think like that so I’m glad people are getting the concept of the video but its actually not it.”

She refused to reveal what her parents have said about her act in the video because its family issues.

The young lady said she will never shoot an adult movie even when she is given everything in the world but if its same music video, she would do it.

“I don’t shoot p*rnography. Similarity is not the same as something. Something could be similar to something but its not the same. I shoot music videos but not p*rnography.

They could give me the whole world I’m not shooting p*rn but if its a video, hell yes. I’m shooting again”

Nana Yaa is known privately as Pearl Darko.

Listen to Lord Paper’s full interview with Abeiku Santana on Okay FM about the controversial music video below:

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