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#Choices. Will do Breast Implants After Childbirth – Nikki Samonas



, dawuroGH

“My boobs [are] my favourite part of my body. … I love them, people even say I have done implants. I mean that’s how good they look. No, I haven’t done implants. Why would I do implants when they look so good?

“I will do implants after childbirth; if [they] still look good, no, but if [they don’t], I will fix it. When something is wrong, you fix it.

, dawuroGH

“They are beautiful… I can stare at them in the mirror for long because they are so perfect, I think that is why He (God) didn’t give me a**.  He gave me nice breasts because I don’t have a**.

“If you’ve got it, you’ve got to flaunt it, so I try as much as possible to flaunt it when I get the chance to do so.” – Nikki was speaking on Accra-based Class FM


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