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Get To Know PORTFOLIO, A Fire Brand Event MC &TV Icon Doing The Most In Kumasi



David Germain portfolio, dawuroGH

His name certainly can’t be ruled out in media landscape in the Ashanti region as far as entertainment and showbiz is concerned owing to his overly assertive and domineering personality.

He has been tagged the most controversial media personality due to his hit-hard and uncompromising style of analysis and punditry.

However, the brand PORTFOLIO has over the past few years been identified much more with events hosting and has made him a deep-rooted household events MC one can’t skip when making their top list of events Hosts in Ashanti region.

David Germain portfolio, dawuroGH

Born DAVID ADJEI FRIMPONG to a family of academicians and religiosity, it took the family by surprise the sudden turn of passion from an envisaged corporate dude to an entertainment icon , a field that broke the rules of his household yet passion kept him grounded to pursue his dream field as a showbiz personality.

David Germain portfolio, dawuroGH

It is now undeniable though debatable that he has had been the most domineering event MC particularly in 2019 in KSI to have hosted the most corporate, social, indoor and outdoor events in the city. He has confessed to a very fruitful year when ouroutfit probed him on that.

David Germain portfolio, dawuroGH

A walk into his laurels so far, it was interesting to know PORTFOLIO has had enviable force in politics and public speaking from school going age til date and it was no news why he has mastery over crowd engagements and his craft as an event host.

David Germain portfolio, dawuroGH

Listing his nomination and awards as a public speaker and a leader aside the countless nominations,

David Germain portfolio, dawuroGH

*Best Public Speaker (independence debate -2011)KOSS
*V.SRC president (KOSS)
*P.R.O(CASS-social sciences-KNUST)
*FACULTY PRESIDENT(college of ART-social science)-KNUST.
*Dep.P.R.O(school of Economics-KNUST)
*N.S.S president (B/A techiman north&South-municipal)

David Germain portfolio, dawuroGH

Others awards :
Best/outstanding leader -NUGS-Vice chancellor Awards KNUST15.
–RoyalBANK college awards -presidential honors -KNUST
–OBAA MO awards for women empowerment-KNUST
–NSS presidency honors -(B/A techiman north & south)
-SOCISO excellence awards -KNUST and many others

David Germain portfolio, dawuroGH

PORTFOLIO hopes to return to his first love (politics) I’m the near future but at the moment wants to help inject life back to entertainment in Ashanti region which is close to dead and makes him worried..
A tall of events and stages he has handled can be traced in his socail media bio by following @David Germain Portfolio on all social Media platforms for bookings and engagements.
Tel/watsapp :0246-096861..


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