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People Are Really Mad At Puma For Making This “basabasa” Black Stars Jersey For Ghana



, dawuroGH

Yesterday, November 7, 2017, it was announced that Puma, kit sponsors of the Black Stars are about to release a new jersey for the team.


The new jersey which is dominantly red with yellow on the sleeves and shoulder has come under a lot of backlash after it was officially announced.

Ghanaians didn’t take kindly to it and jumped on Twitter to express their discomfort with the jersey with many calling it the ugliest jersey so far.

This is how Ghanaians reacted to the jersey.

1. He’s obviously not excited.

The new black stars jersey is the ugliest thing I’ve seen with my NAKED eyes this year! What a shit of a jersey!


2. Simply put, it’s ugly.


3. Asem o…

You would think Ghana will win the world cup the moment the Black Stars switch to a yellow jersey , dawuroGH, dawuroGH, dawuroGH

But yknow, there’s nothing wrong with the yellow and black jersey of olde
We could modify and use

But anyways , do we even support black stars anymore, dawuroGH


4. It’s just below standard.

If really the jersey I saw is the new black stars jersey then in am sorry. It’s way way below standard @kokui_selormey


5. He doesn’t see anything wrong with it.

If Black Stars jersey look similar to some other African countries, what’s the big deal. Afterall these are our colors, white wasn’t!


6. This jersey did a lot of things but couldn’t win us a trophy.


7. Not what we are used to.


8. Each year we change to something else.

CONFIRMED: Black Stars new Puma kit for 2018.

Nigeria , dawuroGH super eagles have stack to their green color jersey but Black-stars , dawuroGH have kept on changing jerseys .We have no identity


9. You’re not alone boss, we bore pass.

I see the home jersey for Black Stars make my heart ‘come’. What sort of nonsense is that?


10. The design is the problem for him.

The new Black Stars Jersey? It is not nice saa. Colours? Fine. Design? Not so much.

11. lol…

The new Black Stars puma jersey ebe for the ‘91 starlets or what?


12. Oh why????

Calling the Black Stars jersey useless would be far from the truth as it would make a very fine car “desta”.



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