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10 of The Best Food Joints on KNUST Campus



10 of The Best Food Joints on KNUST Campus, dawuroGH

For those of you who have been on the KNUST campus, you just know that people don’t like to cook despite their intense love for food.

Now, this is not about guys or ladies, people just don’t want to cook and they give the excuse of exam and learning. So, the many food joints get the cash when it comes to food. And when we say cash, real cash.

But not all the food joints are great at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Some are just OK.

If you love your food, you know the great ones. Here are the best joints on KNUST campus every foodie knows.

1. Adwoa Gob3.

The only gob3 seller with a PhD in Africa. Go and argue with your ancestors when it comes to Adwoa’s gob3 being the best.

2. Mother Waakye.

Mother’s Waakye no dey bee ahiaa but customer relations is up there. And that’s not to say she just sucks up. No! Go and see the insults to Katanga boys.

3. Akuzi.

Akuzi is one for the gents, for the ladies, and the showoffs depending on how much meat you can afford. Tastes great too.

4. Helinus.

Hype be what! But taste does not correlate. However, Conti boys and Queens will make you believe otherwise.

5. Tech Junction Waakye.

There are a lot of Waakye joints at Tech Junction for everyone. By the gutter side, expensive, very hot shito and whatever you want.

6. Hambras.

The best fried rice on KNUST campus. Deal with it!


7. SMS.

The other place for all the ‘nkwan aduane’ you want.

If you go under that canopy and never return, your family people don’t want you to have good things in life.

9. Club B.


10. Brunei Cafeteria.

Expensive AF because of our Nigerian brethren but not as great in taste. People think it’s a Brunei social status. Lmao!!!


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