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10 Foreign TV Series That Ghanaians Love To Watch



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Television Series are really catching up with Ghanaians these days. Gone are the days when all we had were Oshen, Inspector Bediako, The X filesetc. 

Here are 10 TV series most Ghanaians love to watch.

1. Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones has a lot of fans here in Ghana to the extent some know all the names of the characters in the series including even the extras (just kidding) but thanks to God, nobody has named their children after any of the characters yet. However, we sure know most Ghanaians really love the series and can’t wait to watch another season.

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2. Prison Break

Prison Break was and is still one of the most captivating television series ever shown on Ghanaian television and to think another season is approaching, most Ghanaians are already going crazy about it with many moving from house to house inquiring if there’s already an episode out.

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3. 24 Hours

The series that got many Ghanaians hooked to their screens wasn’t really showing on any major Ghanaian TV but many had it on their external hard drives and flash drives.

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4. Kumkum Bhagya

This is currently showing on Adom TV and although Indians in Ghana claim it is one of their most ignored TV shows, most Ghanaians can’t rest until the time for it’s showing is up. It seems most of the women in this country are hooked to it, as well as some few men too.

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5. The Have And Have Nots

This is one of Tyler Perry’s handiwork and although not shown on any major TV station in the country, it is still one of the few series most Ghanaians love and are addicted to and can’t wait to watch another episode.

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6. If Loving You Is Wrong

Another masterpiece from Tyler Perry which started showing on Joy Prime although many Ghanaians are already privy to the series on the internet and in their homes.

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7. Empire

Empire is a nice series that incorporates both the music world and survival on the streets which most Ghanaians love because it speaks a lot about their passion…Music.

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8. Power

Power is another masterpiece from Starz which talks about the rise of a drug peddler who goes through all sort of means to survive in the drug world and in so doing creates a lot of enemies and has to do all he can to survive. Ghanaians seem to love such storylines and this particular one really caught up with us very quick.

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9. The Boondocks

This is a cartoon series that portrays the rap culture which most Ghanaians love hence the reason why it has caught on so well with us.

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10. Spartacus

The slave who rose to conquer most of the Romans is something every person loves to see and since it started back in the days, it caught on so well with us we had to watch to the end.

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