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2018 Gong Gong Awards list of winners



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The Advertising Association of Ghana Gong Gong Awards is the flagship industry event for the Advertising Industry in Ghana. Over the years the Awards have established benchmarks for excellence and ingenuity, rewarding creativity and outstanding innovative works, across all sectors of the industry.   This years awards was the 12th edition, which was held at the Labadi Beach hotel. Below is a full list of winners:

Activation  CSR GACA Social experiment Ogilvy &Mather Ghana
Activation Food and Confectionery ONGA Longest Feast Table Exp Ghana
Digital Coporate Service Jack Where Are you Insel Communication
Digital Food and Confectionery Idelicious Food Recipe Publicis West Africa
Digital Telecommunication Laimomo Now Available Africa
Experiential Financial Services Pay Like a Boss Now Available Africa
Integrated Non- Alcoholic Beverage Coca-Cola Ghana@60 Ogilvy & Mather
Media Innovation CSR Sky Girls Letter writing Competition Now Available Africa
Outdoor Alcoholic Guinness Osagyefo Publicis West Africa
Outdoor Corporate Service Jack Where Are You Insel Communication
Outdoor Non Alcoholic Beverage Coca-Cola @ 60 Ogilvy &Mather Ghana
Outdoor Telecommunication Y’abo mu Insel Communication
Press Automobiles A good turn Innova DDB
Press Corporate Service MTN May Day Innova DDB
Press Financial Service Save Them Insel Communication
Press Food and Confectionery KFC Ramadan Ogilvy & Mather Ghana
Press Insurance Accacia Health & Personal Care Insurance Scanad Ghana
Press Telecommunication Y’abo mu Insel Communication
Press Textile & Fashion Woodin Connexion Scanad Ghana
Radio Alcoholic Club New order Censtage
Radio Corporate Service Jack Where Are You Insel Communication
Radio CSR USAID Innovation Ogilvy & Mather Ghan
Radio Food and Confectionery Dano Milk Go Sweet You Insel Communication
Radio Health and Personal Care Plan 2 Contraceptive Pill Ogilvy & Mather Ghana
Radio Telecommunication Y’abo mu Insel Communication
Social Media CSR Vodafone Supercare Scanad
Social Media Food and Confectionery Nido Back to School Now Available Africa
Social Media Non Alcoholic Beverage Coke studio Africa Ogilvy & Mather Ghan
Social Media Telecommunication Vodafone Yen di Agoro Scanad Ghana
Social Media Transport service Yenko Insel communication
TV Alcoholic Beverage Gunniess Osagyefo Publicis West Africa
TV Corporate Service Jack where are you Insel Communication
TV Financial Service Bank like a Boss Insel Communication
TV Food and confectionery Yummie y3 de tu Insel Communication
TV Telecommunication Ghana Things Innova DDB
TV Textile and Fashion/ Accessories Forever inspiring Mullen Lowe Accra




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