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Kkeda’s ‘Temper’ is an unflustered caution to her would-be suitor




Kkeda’s timely new single, ‘Temper’ sets the Afro-fusion singer apart as one to watch this summer and beyond. ‘Temper’ is available on all digital streaming platforms globally here:

Immersed in lovely vocals that convey her extensive variations of mood, there’s obvious traces of a star in the making on the Paul Hauss production. Kkeda sounds confident as ever, harmlessly cautioning her suitor about her bad side.


According to the singer: ‘’I feel many ladies will relate to ‘Temper’ because it’s all about how some guys push them to the edge with misbehavior. It’s a calm reminder to guys that we (ladies) have a temper too’’.

At 20, Kkeda is determined to drop frequent hit songs and establish her brand, while she prepares wandering fans for her next big releases later this year.

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