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Wakayna unveils new single ’’Problem Dey’’



Wakayna Problem Dey

Versatile Ghanaian Afrobeat / Afropop artiste and producer Wakayna announces his new
single release, bringing a new soulful sound to fans with his long-awaited single “Problem
Dey”. The forthcoming track is a follow-up to his 2021 New Year “Bless me” banger and is
set to be released on 3rd August 2021 in support of calling on government to fix the

Wakayna who is signed onto ‘ Freedom Cry Records ‘ recorded this song in his studio in
Accra, with producer Cobby Dollar.

“Problem Dey” is a song composed over Freedom songs like “freedom is coming tomorrow”
by Khanyo Maphumulo” an electric driving force behind the ‘Sarafina’ movie. The new song
is inspires his efforts to awaken the government about the hardship Ghanaians youths go
through in their daily life. With the recent spark in armed robbery, killings and clashes
between security agencies and the citizens remains paramount in this single and a trip he
took to the ghettos.

Wakayna’s manager has high hopes for the success of this new song. He said, “The new song
is a meditation and freedom anthem. Listeners will find it perfect to fight for the country to
be fixed”.

Unapologetic, thrilling and freedom “Problem Dey” is an evocative track for Ghanaians and
music lovers to call the shots and talk about how and what they want the country to be like.
In an extraordinary journey to proofing he is one of the best talents in Ghana has discovered
what most musicians spend their lifetime working for, the time when feel-good music meets
vital social commentary.

Encapsulated in the song “Problem Dey” has lyrics such as, – the system no dey do the biding

  • the killings can’t stop us – crime rate dey rise up cos hunger dey – fix the country among
    others will be on.
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