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Pure Akan announces tracklist for ‘Nyame Mma’ Album



Nyame Mma Album

Pure Akan has finally release the tracklist for his upcoming album ‘Nyame Mma’. The 16 track album features only two artiste i.e. Ayisi and King Ayisoba.

One unique attribute about the list is, it has titles mainly in twi and we love it. The album cover also an image based cover art features Pure Akan and kids looking slightly upwards. The title of the album is carefully written in a handwriting font beneath the image as well as the name of the rapper.

The Album tracklist cover is super creative and we love everything about it. The rapper appears wrapped in a kente and a staff, connoting his ever growing interest in Ghanaian culture. He stands in as the linguist and mouthpiece of the forefathers and to inform the younger generation of their African values and history. The full tracklist is aligned to the left whiles the image is slightly at the right hand top conner.

Nyame Mma album is set to be released on Thursday 12th August,2021. Pre-order the album here;

Check the tracklist below

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