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Copta and Moor Sound make an ideal duo on ’Party Scatter’



Copta and Moor

Since building ties in 2018, Moor Sound and Copta unite for the first time and deliver a pleasant vibe over a simple Afroswing instrumental produced by Moor Sound ‘‘Made It Bangg’’. Stream/listen here:

Titled ‘Party Scatter’, the record is a pleasant fusion of Afrobeat blended with a more tropical and beach sound. ‘Party Scatter’ is interesting and short; over the course of the under-three-minute record the beat and the vocals essentially take turns at being the listener’s focal point.

It is clear that Moor Sound has been working hard at creating his own sound and the maturity in his delivery is clearer on ‘Party Scatter’. Copta reveals a different side to his artistry with his performance on the new single ¬delivering incredibly catchy hooks with breathy vocals to contrast his usual hard hitting, bar heavy rap style.

‘Party Scatter’ is not the kind of song one would come to expect from the duo but there is no doubt that fans are going to appreciate it a lot.

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