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C Burn splashes big on foreign visuals for ‘Wifey’



C Burn

After releasing his ‘’A Lady’s Man’’ EP back in August, rapper C Burn shares another video off the tender project, this time in the frame of ‘Wifey’. Stream or download ‘’A Lady’s Man’’ across all major digital platforms here:

Directed by Emmanuel Fordjour, the stunning video captures the lofty ambitions C Burn has for his ‘Wifey’ in a sequence of shots that don’t only show off the lovely city of Hollywood, but have fans centered on the apple of his eye and a day in their lives.

There’s lots of eye-catching shots in succession, all brimming with elegance from the upmarket locale the two find themselves. Like you’d expect for a ‘’psalm about lovers’’ – as C Burn calls it, there’s that irresistible air of romance to complete the fantasy which the rapper wants to sell.

‘’Wifey is a psalm for lovers. It’s all about commitment and growing together to eventually tie the knot, so I wanted a big-budget video that would beautifully capture a desire fit for the queen of every man’s heart. I linked up with Emmanuel Fordjour and I couldn’t have made a better pick’’, C Burn shared.

The video is powered by Spartan Entertainment and can be viewed on C Burn’s official YouTube channel.

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