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Ellputo’s ‘’Ellputology, Vol. 1’’ EP brings a strong gust of energy to the world of Amapiano



Ellputo Ellputology

On his first solo EP, the Mozambican artist, producer and accomplished disc jockey offers 6 new songs which are refreshing, a joy to play through and as expected, are structured on Southern Africa’s thriving new sound, Amapiano. ‘’Ellputology, Vol. 1’’ is available on all digital streaming platforms globally here:

One of Maputo’s big industry players, Ellputo’s ‘’Ellputology, Vol. 1’’ delves into the science dedicated to understanding the Mozambican heavyweight’s art. Nothing less, nothing more. Accordingly, he is as involved as ever on the tuneful EP, leaving behind beautiful imprints of his vocal style, disc jockeying prowess and a production ethos that will re-echo in the minds of listeners beyond the extended play’s over 30-minute run.

With hindsight, it’s no surprise the just released EP has an instant appeal and is resolute in paying homage to the dance-heavy culture of the star’s home region. It’s thudding atmosphere, afro-centered vocals and rampant drum patterns are spot on in building the right amount of excitement, next to an artistic presence that is accentuated by the added vocals of Vasco Cuinica, alongside rich spells of bass and flamboyant guitar strings.

Aside its rather distinct feel however, the EP is fixated on Mozambican identity, mainly through local sonorities that span the Xichangana and Emacua dialects. It is on this note that ‘’Ellputology, Vol. 1’’ shines. Its feature list of four, which are well established in the Mozambican music panorama further add to Ellputo’s vocal and production quality, thus branching the fast-evolving genre into equally palatable varieties.

Of these rising artists, listeners are treated to the singular voices of Bruna Mendes and Radjha Ali on ‘Can’t Get Away’ and ‘Alifa’ respectively, Blanco’s breath of Hip-Hop, one that slowly fades into Ellputo’s brilliant production on ‘Sivale’ and Mano Tsotsi’s somewhat humorous tone that is riddled in songs ‘Swa Ni Fanela’, ‘Matilwene’, ‘Sivale’ and the radio edit of the former.

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