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Shexy Ayoz tags Blaqbonez on hot new collaboration ‘Jojo’



Shexy Ayoz, the ‘Cinderella’ crooner is back and with him a brand-new single to make his intermission worthwhile. ‘Jojo’ is available on all digital streaming platforms worldwide here:

Shexy Ayoz’s sizzling new track ‘Jojo’ follows his previous opus ‘’New Vibez’’ and has him replicate a winning formula using tuneful vocals which are sewn to a refrain you might not get enough of. His nifty incorporation of solfège – do re mi fa so la ti do (in case you’re wondering) – to the song is indeed a fantastic touch. And we love it.

Beyond the track’s euphony lies an assist from 100 Crowns/Chocolate City signee, Blaqbonez, next to a theme and lyrics that aren’t too taxing on the mind. Shexy Ayoz is simply vibing, soaring over the iPappi-produced beat while taking a swipe at haters and bluffing about how big of a dog he is making steady progress on the low: “Anytime I pull up it’s in a Benzo-Benzo-Benzo oh”.

“It’s been a while and my fans deserve to know I haven’t given up on them. Keep ‘Jojo’ on rotation and anticipate, a good year awaits’’, Shexy Ayoz revealed.

‘Jojo’ certainly isn’t Shexy Ayoz’s last Afrobeat offering for 2022 and with lots of weeks to go in the year, fans can only anticipate. Enjoy!

Instagram: shexyayoz

Twitter: @Iam_Shexy

Facebook: Shexy Ayoz-Morayo

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