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GH Drill and Phrimpong collaborate for next-level drill anthem ‘Dibi’



The Ghanaian Londoner’s new single ‘Dibi’ featuring Phrimpong is out now and it’s a song we simply can’t get enough of. Stream or download ‘Dibi’ across all major digital platforms here:

Drill (or Asakaa as we call it back home) is gradually becoming a sound to beat. Couple that with GH Drill’s ambition to whisk Ghanaian “drillers” to the next level and it’s only right for the drill umpire to “dibi” (eat some) out of the genre’s fast-rising success.

But that’s not what his new anthem is about. ‘Dibi’ like its genre peers is big on lifestyle. It hinges on the pursuit of pleasure and has GH Drill urge listeners to actively get a healthy dose of life on a variety of fronts: “Onua didi. Wo y3 adwuma ah didi/Drip nu 3ya gye bi/Sika nu 3ya ky3 bi. Cars nu 3ya twe bi/Nsa nu 3ya tswa bi’’, because balance is everything and a good mental health is of utmost importance.

Unlike most drill songs, GH Drill trades the hardy side of the sound to give advice to lovers of his music. He does this in a style that’s very much relaxed, before guest rapper, Phrimpong swoops in with a decent assist.

“Lots of people are too focused on wealth and neglect their mental health, and that’s not right”, GH Drill shares. “The inspiration for ‘Dibi’ came from how lots of people work hard, but don’t make time to enjoy themselves. Like the saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

Aside it’s very agreeable context, there’s lots of lyrics and rhyme sequences to enjoy off Kuby’s superb production, making it easier for ‘Dibi’ to trickle down into your subconscious with frightening ease. Enjoy!

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Twitter: @GhDrill


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