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Bizzy Salifu shares big new single ‘Come My Way’ with Sarkodie



The ‘How I Get On’ star features Sarkodie on his all-new song which comes your way today. And frankly put, you’d be glad it did! Stream or download ‘Come My Way’ across all major digital platforms here:

It’s a “bizzy” new week and with it some good music from the man, Bizzy Salifu. Produced by Amo Achille, ‘Come My Way’ is his new number, a quintessential love song filled with all the vocal and lyrical condiments we’ve come to expect from the artists involved.

You know how you just sit there at times and wonder if there is really someone out there for you? Well, ‘Come My Way’ projects that exact thought, but in a more tuneful and confessional way. Both artists are outspoken about how they need some unconditional love for another and ‘Come My Way’ is their cue. Bizzy, in his smooth voice is very delectable to ears as he is upfront about his needs, just like Sarkodie, who keeps fans amused with his nifty one-liners and striking rhyme schemes – none of which fail to effortlessly light up the moment.

‘’Come My Way is a message for anyone seeking someone to share unconditional love with’’, Bizzy Salifu shares. ‘’I released a snippet of the song back on Valentine’s Day (this year) and after it got over 2,000 views, I knew I was on to something. Amo Achille – shoutouts to him for also producing the song, appointed the song to Sarkodie who carried the beat like he always does and before you know it, here it is. I hope the fans have a blast with it because I did’’.

Bizzy Salifu is a Belgium-based Ghanaian artist famous for his recent single ‘How I Get On’, a big success that has registered over a million views on YouTube to date. He now seeks to establish his brand beyond a uni-style which has him combine elements of Afroswing and Afrobeat with that of Hip-Hop and Trap, elevating him to a new level of success.

Instagram: bizzysalifu
Twitter: @bizzysalifu
Facebook: Bizzy Salifu

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