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Take your music career to the next level! Class of 40 Bootcamp announced
Coelle LDN announces Class of 40 Bootcamp



Coelle LDN brings you the first Artist Development Bootcamp for 16 – 35-year-old musicians and creatives in Accra. The month-long Bootcamp event will give each attendee the abilityto learn key information and industry secrets from top industry celebrity moguls & gain new opportunities to succeed! with an exclusive chance to create a song with a Ghanaian top artist with a filmed studio session, a 6-12-month management contract, radio spins & interview slots though our partners on the prestigious radio station YFM, an extensive PR package, playlisting from Boomplay & much more.

In addition to providing attendees with personalized hands on training and unique networking opportunities, Class of 40: Bootcamp will also be offering virtual classes that will give artists & creatives around the whole of Ghana, Africa & the UK a chance to take their careers to the next level! The month-longBootcamp will kick off with a launch party on July 29th 2022 & will feature 1-hour classes covering all the key industry pillarssuch as; management, press/PR, legal, radio/DJ, image & style & producer & artist access from Monday – Friday at iSpace Foundation in Accra, Ghana, August 1st.

Currently working in the Ghanaian & UK music industry Class of 40: Bootcamp Founder, Coco Arya realized that there is a gap in the market. ‘’This gap is artist development, creating something that would help the artists directly with knowledge they would have to battle the elements and finances to get whilst giving them hope through the opportunity to create a song with a well-known Ghanaian artist, 6-month management/projectmanagement contract, 3-month PR deal for the song created, playlisting push, radio play and interview time. Most labels and investors are looking for the musician to already have the full package however there are generations of artists that if given knowledge and opportunity to, they would be also. In turn this creates a ripple effect and allows the Ghanaian music scene to flourish’’.

Founded in 2019, Coelle LDN has carved out its place in the music industry with various services including Artist Management, Press & PR, Music event curation & Artist Development services across UK & Ghana.

Press & media are invited to join us on July 29th 2022 as we launch the initiative. Watch out for more announcements! For more info contact: Francis Amissah +233 55 823 0532 and Coco Arya +44 77865 632 715 or email: / / classof40bootcamp on Instagram.

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