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Ka$hout showcases their sonical versatility on new EP ‘’Afrococktail’’ 



Ka$hout Afrococktail

UK-based music collective, Ka$hout have debuted their new EP dubbed ‘’Afrococktail’’
and the project is already spinning heads at home and across the African continent.
Ka$hout which consists of talented producer, Tboythe1, rapper, Mask ID and lead singer,
Glob3by are slowly entering the hearts of fans all over the world with their impressive
panache to blend sounds in ways that create music that appeals to audiences from all
walks of life.

Talking about the EP, one of the group’s artistes said ‘’In simple words we have always
believed music is universal and should be enjoyed by everyone no matter their background, age, gender or whatever. So, when we create, we try to make sure everybody is served’’.
‘’Afrococktail’’ is a showcase of versatile mastery with tracks such as ‘On Top’, ‘Fire Fire’
and title track ‘Afrococktail’ exhibiting the groups skill in creating sounds that transcend
genres yet captivates audiences.

Grab a cocktail, get your speakers buzzing and stream Ka$hout’s ‘’Afrococktail’’ EP here:

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