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Photo: Niashun and Fireman spotted together in the studio



New banger alert? Niashun spotted in Abidjan studio with Fireman

A photo of Ghana’s new beloved voice, Niashun together in the studio with Ivorian rapper of “Firetelli” fame, Fireman surfaced on the former’s Instagram today, prompting fans of both artists and the likes of us to wonder – is there a banger on the way?

Probably. Why else would these two superstars-in-the-making hang out in a studio of all places? Reaching out to the WaveyardEntertainment head honcho – David Ashbel on phone, he was not dismissive of the fact, somewhat confirming to our source, “It’s all vibes at the moment. We are striking sparks off each other”. Having already dropped two exceptional songs this year – both of which continue to enjoy stellar airplay and a good run on some big charts in Ghana, Niashun looks to expand his discography of hits and the Ivory Coast seems like the best place to score one. 

But it’s no coincidence, this is all in light of Niashun’s upcoming performance in Abidjan this Friday: “Aside spending time with Fireman I’ve got a performance on Friday that will host dignitaries from all over the city and I’m so excited. You have no idea”. Although Fireman’s music and landmark albums – “Firetelli” (2017) and “Firetelli 2” (2021) – may not be as widespread in Ghana and other anglophone countries as it is in francophone ones, the possibility of such a collaboration alone is a big win for Niashun and the culture. Stay tuned!

Also, in case you missed the launch of Niashun’s new weekly dose of freestyles, ‘’Afro Fridays’’ you can get a glimpse of its most recent content here:


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