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WATCH: Malcolm Nuna’s ‘Benzo’ gets an official video



It’s been long coming. The Alkians Entertainment World star boy, Malcolm Nuna finally let’s loose the much-anticipated video to his recently released smash hit ‘Benzo’ and oh, boy! It’s F-R-E-S-H!

Since dropping back in June to eventually become one of the city’s most played songs a few of weeks later, it was only a matter of when the young artist would push out a fitting video for his new jewel. Well, that moment has arrived and the experience is just as imagined – F-R-E-S-H! There’s lots of colorand a youthful sparkle to it, one that is enough to lock wandering eyes on the singer-rapper during its entirety. 

Directed by Jeneral Jay, the video follows Malcolm as he tries to woo his love interest in a series of indoor and outdoor settings – the latter boasting some of the video’s juiciest shots. In case you somehow missed out on Malcolm Nuna’s ‘Benzo’ months ago (early on in the Summer), it touched on how the artist couldn’t get his love interest’s affection because he didn’t have enough “cheese” (money) and a Mercedes Benz, hence its title. The final arc of the video sees Malcolm get his due redemption, though after many failed attempts. The word is finally out – he’s a star with tons of paparazzi, groupies and a chauffeur to shuffle him around in a – you guessed it – benzo.

The whole show captures Malcolm Nuna’s rise to stardom and sees him finishing off his big moment in an afterparty that has his – guess-guess? – ex-love interest pass through.

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