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JZyNo is love-struck on new single ‘Onana’



JzyNo is left feeling weak in the knees in his cute, infectious new cut ‘Onana’ and he can’t help but sing it out loud. 

‘Onana’ is the type of song to get you singing along in a matter of seconds; yup, its infectious vocals sink right into your subconscious to revive cute encounters of you with your crush and the feeling is, of course, dizzying. Like most prisoners of love, JZyNo is left feeling weak in the knees by the attractiveness of one mystery babe and he can’t help but sing out loud: “onananana”.

He’s completely love-struck and can’t get enough of his new boo thang: “Anytime when I see your face/Baby girl you make me smile all day”. Mastered by one of California’s hottest: Grammy-nominated, Mike Tucci and produced by Gigz Beatz (Ghana), ‘Onana’ boasts of not just JzyNo’s light, exquisite vocals but also the finest of words and praises fit for a queen.

Officially starting his music career in 2019, JZyNo is already a fan favorite; he won two of his four award nominations – “Afro-pop Song of the Year”, “Afro-pop Artist of the Year” – at the 2022 Emerging Music Awards in October. But before this recent success, the young Liberian star caught our attention last year with his debut EP “Brown Sugar” and months prior with his bright party tune, ‘Fall Down Inside,’ featuring Ghanaian rapper, Medikal.

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