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Kumerica is more than a sound – MC Portfolio says the movement is not dead



MC Portfolio, a key member of the Kumerica Movement, explained to Caleb Ni Boye of Showbiz 927 that the quietened noise around the Kumasi-based entertainment industry is because the artists are trying other sounds apart from the Asakaa. But the movement itself is more than the music.

MC Portfolio stated there is this misconception because people attached the Kumerica Movement to the Asaaka sounds. And as music from Kumasi evolves, it has created an impression that it has disintegrated.

“As a matter of fact, if you will be honest enough, go to the digital stores that really matter, and you will know that Kumerica music is peaking.” He continued, “It’s the number-one song in the country if I’m not blowing things out of proportion. Which is Obaa Hemaa.”

He adds that the Kumerica movement became public on the back of a particular sound. And as sounds are “seasonal”, that sound may not be reigning, but the group is still together.

MC Portfolio also mentioned the other arms of Kumerica, including lifestyle, cultural essence and movies (Kumawood).

Streaming the conversation to the music aspect of the movement, Portfolio noted with sadness that some industry stakeholders have stifled the growth of the Asaaka boys in the Greater Accra Region. He did admit that the group’s initial disposition towards media promotion in other regions was influenced by ignorance. But assured Caleb that they are rebranding and ready to embrace nationwide involvement.


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