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Niashun and his ‘Sisi Yellow’ are the talk of the industry in new single



Niashun opens up his year 2023 with new single ‘Sisi Yellow’. The tender Mac Heymann produced ‘Sisi Yellow’ is a breath of fresh air for the industry. It bears a frisky Afrobeat production like no other, accentuated by Niashun’s sleek baritone vocals to excellence. Stream or download ‘Sisi Yellow’ across all major digital platforms here:

All these bright elements blend beautifully to tell a seemingly familiar tale: ‘’Sisi Yellow is about a young man who has fallen in love with a fair lady [albino] but has not mustered enough courage to tell her how he feels about her”, the crooner says. 

Often in mainstream media depictions, whenever the fairness and beauty of the African woman are in question, ginger-haired albinos rarely come to mind. And it’s this distinction that lends Niashun’s new song, ‘Sisi Yellow’, its power, making it the star attraction of this month. It dares to be different than any other love song out there, presenting a simple yet radical take on conventional love depictions off the back of the widespread Ghanaian jargon “yellow sisi” aka, fair lady (in a quite literal sense). ‘’Like always, the plan was to introduce something novel and ‘Sisi Yellow’ presented us with the opportunity to reimagine what could be done differently with a love song today”, Niashun explains. 

After his scintillating debut about a year ago, the promising Ghanaian singer of ‘OK’ fame has undoubtedly been a revelation. He announced himself as a generational force and if there is any takeaway from his latest 3-minute entry, it’s this: the best of Niashun is still yet to come.

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