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Demmi’s ‘Gyrate’ offers a perfect blend of soulfulness and infectious energy



Get ready to move and groove to the latest single from rising star, Demmi. His new track ‘Gyrate’ is a mid-tempo anthem that will have you tapping your feet and singing along in no time. With a unique blend of African influences, Hip-Hop swagger and electrifying stage presence, Demmi has captured the attention of music lovers and industry insiders alike.

Demmi’s previous releases, such as ‘Emotions’ and ‘Loverboy Issues’, have racked up thousands of streams on digital platforms and earned him accolades from fans and critics. But with ‘Gyrate’, Demmi is taking his career to new heights, showcasing his mastery of the Afrobeat genre and his ability to reach a wider audience.

Featuring intricate percussion, driving piano keys and soulful melodies, ‘Gyrate’ showcases Demmi’s smooth flow and confident lyrics. The infectious rhythm and catchy melody are sure to get stuck in your head, while the mellow and unique tone of his vocals will lift you up and inspire you to move to the music.

To experience the energy and excitement of Demmi’s music for yourself don’t miss your chance to hear Demmi in action. ‘Gyrate’ comes with an accompanying video and its available on all digital streaming platforms globally here:

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