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Gabi DeFeel sounds her return with new Afrobeat single ‘None Other’



The wait might’ve been long, but after two-and-a-half years of silence, Gabi DeFeel’s much-awaited re-entry is officially in and the feeling is highly spiritual. Stream or download ‘None Other’ across all major digital platforms here:

Before going MIA on fans, no female artist rocked the naughty tag as explicitly as Gabi DeFeel. Her sexually provocative releases (often slapped with warning labels) seized the industry in a series of adrenaline-packed club bangers that were too catchy to ignore. Gabi DeFeel’s sultry content gained a following shortly after her arrival and upon her grand re-entry into showbiz, you’d think the ‘U Bad’ crooner would double down on the formula that made her famous. She doesn’t. Instead, Gabi DeFeel takes a step back from the high-octane releases of years gone by and opts for something more balanced and motivational for her latest, ‘None Other’. 

Done over a soothing Afrobeat production, ‘None Other’ sets Gabi DeFeel up as the ‘’finest’’. It casts the singer as the undisputed winner of her journey: ‘’Abi you know say I go be the best?/Abi you know say I go claim the first, oh?’’, she sings for the hook. Though ‘None Other’ presents ideas from which inspiration can be drawn, Gabi DeFeel still makes her intentions of retaining her crown as the ‘’baddest’’ crystal clear. 

This is good news for fans who miss the thrill Gabi DeFeel gave the industry in 2018 with her sultry demeanor and with news of a solid comeback on the table this year – per inside sources – music lovers can expect nothing but a blast from the seductive singer.

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