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Milz presents the plight of the youth on new Ariel-assisted song ‘Hush Hush’



Fresh from his banging verse on Chef-187’s ‘Broke Nolunkumbwa’, Milz hits the ground running with some insightful social commentary on the captivating ‘Hush Hush’, his new collaboration with singer, Ariel.

To lovers of Reggae and Dancehall, both young and old, Milz is no stranger to the game. Aptly nicknamed “The Teacher” in the Zambian music industry, Milz’s command over the art, ever since his award-winning debut album – “Real Vybz” (2010). Comparable to how a good bottle of wine fares with time, that it only gets better and the same is true of the seasoned singer-songwriter and performer. 

His latest entry, ‘Hush Hush’, holds a candle to the above analogy quite well. But more importantly, it portrays a growing social problem: the plight of children in the modern family, in a captivating show of vocals that seek to shed light on the issue at hand. Milz, as such, relies on a soulful blend of Nyanja (his preferred dialect throughout the song) and English (as performed by Ariel) to get his message across and the experience is just butter-smooth. 

According to Milz, who doubles as a professional teacher, ‘Hush Hush’ is a call to action: “Lately, parents are so fixated on providing a ‘good life’ for their kids that they become physically detached from them in the process”. He continues, “A big driver of this problem is the growing urge of parents to secure the survival of their families, but this is tearing households apart. Children are left to become adults with little to no supervision and we know how that mostly ends. ‘Hush Hush’ is a call to action! Let us invest more time and effort into raising the next generation”.  

Like his previous releases, ‘Hush Hush’ is another entertaining effort from Milz. It builds up excitement for any future release the household Zambian star has in store for fans this year.

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