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Demmi and Rie Osei explore their deepest of emotions in new EP “Sugar & Spice”



Demmi and Rie Osei

The highly anticipated EP Sugar & Spice, a collaboration between Demmi and American-based Ghanaian vocalist , Rie Osei, is now available. This project represents a significant transition in the Afrobeats singers’ approach, as they embrace their uniqueness with a distinguished production comprised of melodies, percussion and varied baselines that Demmi creates himself. Stream or download “Sugar & Spice” EP across all major digital platforms here:

Titled as an acronym, the opening track, ‘SNS’ serves as the EP’s opener and it establishes the tone for the project’s recurring themes of love’s quest, manifestation and expression of it. These themes are also explored in ‘Amnesia’ and ‘Bebe’, the latter of which has amassed over 10,000 listens on Spotify since its release as a lead single earlier this year. The best work comes from real-life experiences and the six featured tracks remain elaborate yet palatable, while the duo delivers delicate and captivating vocal performances that will have fans swooning over their relationships. ‘SNS’ is finished with an unexpected yet inviting croon that parlays away from the pair’s usual careful craftsmanship and into a realm of unabated vulnerability. There are no filters here. If nothing else, ‘SNS’ is a rude awakening for anyone unsure of the burgeoning musical giants – a morsel of what’s to come.

Rie Osei’s sweet and opulent contralto sound complements Demmi’s rich and gruff vocal tone sending any listener into a state of tranquility. His intricate production on all tracks brings a captivating groove allowing her to simplify her thought process while remaining substantially more self-possessed. On ‘Ride With Me’, she bounces between sentiments of desire, with raunchy lyrics showcasing her exceptional rapping talents. She displays an assuredness and attention to detail at a time when her lyrical abilities are no longer at the forefront. She takes up the arms of the poetic lyricists who came before her, executing a reigning dominance over her identity and her relationships – making it clear that she can be just as calculated as she is open. Through experience, Demmi’s tracks create a warm and inviting feel that catches every listener’s ear and creates the environment for Rie Osei to bounce off in style. Their pen game is outstanding and their mix of voice and writing skills is unmatched.

Overall, “Sugar & Spice” is an exciting musical adventure that takes listeners on a sonic trip designed totally by Demmi. From the lyrics to production to mastering, you can see their fingerprints on every aspect of this record, and that’s how they like it. Demmi returns from his 2022 EP ‘’Loverboy Issues’’, revitalized with a renewed appreciation for artistry and dynamism. As for Rie Osei, she’s been working behind the scenes diligently to amass an arsenal that she is ready to share with the world. Get ready to be transported to a world of love, passion and self-discovery by the bold and fiery sounds of Demmi and Rie Osei.

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