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Can we start all over again?? Can we correct the mistakes??? Yvonne Nelson Pays Tribute to her Late Father



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Actress, Yvonne Nelson, who recently lost her father took to Instagram to confirm the loss of her father and write a heartfelt tribute to him.

The actress expressed how she wished she had a better relationship with him as he wasn’t really around while growing up.

She wrote in her caption;

“Rest in Peace Father ❤. This picture was taken on the 6th of this month…, I have only two pictures with my Father, and this is one of them… much I wanted to talk about… much I wanted to say…..but God knows best….I know you are in HEAVEN……I know we’ll meet again and talk about it all…..there were days I cried to my mum to bring me to yours……there were days I couldn’t wait to see you and talk to you just for a minute….I longed to hold your hand…..I longed to sit on your lap…..I longed for all of that……can we still do that when I see you in HEAVEN?? Can we start all over again?? Can we correct the mistakes??? I longed for you so much. I have nothing but love for you…….❤in His last days….he always mentioned God in everything he said…why?? Because there’s no one GREATER 🙏🏽 sleep well father #MRNELSON”

Our heart and prayers are with her. May he rest in peace

Photo credit: Yvonne Nelson (Instagram)

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