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This Creative artist quits GHS54K Yearly Job For YouTube



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Sharing a personal life journey with the world is what 25year old Kwaku Darko decided to do after quitting a GHC54K yearly job.

Its a ridiculous amount of money to earn on an average in Ghana as a creative. As young as Junior High school, Kwaku has being working in the cooperate world either part-time or full.

He’s skilled in graphic and motion design, videography, photography, product design and digital illustrations.

In an Exclusive interview with Kwaku disclosed that “the journey has never been easy, lot of ups and downs. Working for all these companies, I realised my happiness lied in the creation process and nothing else. To bring what you imagine to life is the best feeling but, comes with constraints when a boss is involved. I wasn’t happy producing shoddy works for quick deadlines and all the rat racing that came with the cooperate society. There’s more to life than a 9-5 job, after all, what is Life if you can’t live?”

Kwaku took a risky leap after quitting his job for vlogging; a contemporary culture that is not commonly embraced by Ghanaians.

With common devices like his cell phone and GoPro camera, he travels places, explores cultures and shares his creativity with the world on his new YouTube channel. “All I want to do is spread positive vibes and create inspirational content every week”.

His story is impressive and inspirational with a lot of tips and experiences we can learn from. The take-away advice here is, “find whatever makes your soul happy and don’t stop pursuing it”. If you’re in a high-powered job you don’t love, you need to watch this super inspirational video.

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