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DENTYMZ: An Innovative Social Media App for High School Alumni.



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DenTymz is a social media app where users, old students/ alumni of Senior High Schools and even people who do not affiliate with any school meet and share eventful moments.


On DenTymz old students (alumni) and students of every high school is on one platform, grouped into their schools hence users can share stories among their alma mater or share stories so alumni from other schools would see. Single-sex schools who have alliances also have a feature where they can also share stories between themselves.

Dentymz also has the Dentymz Space feature where users can see latest news on sports, entertainment, fashion trends and gossips from around the world.

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Users can also have a one-on-one chat with friends/ users on the app simply by sending them a chat request.

On Dentymz users follow schools. Follow other schools to view what users from those schools are sharing. Users who follow your school will also see what you share if you post into your school.

Posting Feeds

Post into your “school” and it will be seen by all who registered into your school as well as anyone who follows your school.

Post into your “school+year_group” and it will be seen by only those who registered with the school and in that year group. If your school has an alliance with another school such as in the case of some single-sex schools, you will get extra options to post to your alliance school or year group and the same logic applies.

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Switch between posts from your school and all schools you follow using the Home option from your navigation drawer (swipe from left of your screen). Switching to your school will only show posts from your school. Switch to your year group to see posts from just your year group. Switch to Denchatz (Chat Room) and Dentymz Space for your news titbits.


You can also send chat requests to people you want to chat with and catch up without leaving the app’s interface.


, dawuroGH, dawuroGH

Get informed and updated on trending news as well events related to Senior High Schools such as National Science & Maths Quiz, Milo Games, Inter Colleges (InterCo), SuperZonals (SUZO) and many more. Take inspiration from notable people in our society who have made it through the ranks on Dentymz Personality, how they made it and what they are doing now.

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