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Lyrics- Fuse ODG – Bra Fie ft. Damian Marley



, dawuroGH

Almost 400 years since our ancestors were captured and taken into various lands outside of Africa, Africa’s Fuse ODG and Jamaica’s reggae icon Damian “Jr Gong” Marley have united on a mission to bring their descendants back home to where they belong mentally (Self Love), physically (Africa) and spiritually (Love) through this powerful piece of music.

Verse 1

Take the shackles off my feet

Make I go make I go

It’s a battle with the beast

Take a shield here we go

Kwame Nkrumah take over New Africa make over

Let’s bow our heads and pray o Lord

Our father help us fight the war (huuuu)


Chorus (X2)

Bra fie o bra fie (Come home come home)

Bra fie na y3tw3n wo (Come home we are waiting)


Verse 2

I’m a human being in Africa

But a black man in America

African in England

Don’t forget where you are from

Ghana down to Suriname Taken from our motherland

Don’t forget your mother tongue

Please don’t shoot me we are one


Chorus (X4)

Bra fie o bra fie (Come home come home)

Bra fie na y3tw3n wo (Come home we are waiting)


3rd Verse

Now have a look through history’s binoculars

And please don’t tell me you’ve forgotten us

Your last children living anonymous

In a very strange land where they carried us

And it must be a natural phenomenon

How we still can remember where we coming from

Even through the brainwashing curriculum

Up through the ages and millenniums

Last 400 years has been fabulous

We’ve been working as slaves living ravenous

But to overdo your stay can be hazardous

Now it’s time to go home thanks for having us

Please make I a promise ol’ promise land

And welcome me home anytime I land

And make I feel like I belong with us

Until that day no giving up

Aayy aayy



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