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Oooooh M.anifest koraaa why -Sarkodie Has Never Been A Best Friend (M.Anifest)



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Rapper M.anifest isn’t worried about his current relationship with fellow rapper, Sarkodie because the latter is more of a ‘musical colleague’ than a friend.

The ‘godmc’ act told Joy FM‘s Mamavi Owusu-Aboagye that “Nothing has changed. We were never best friends and whatever the relationship was before is still the same now.”

Months ago, the two acts took shots at each other through their music: M. Dot rapping ‘what’s a king to a godmc?’ an apparent dig at Sarkodie, who calls himself a king of rap. Sark also replied on the song ‘Kanta’ calling M.anifest a ‘bitch’ and other derogatory words.

M. Dot, however, denies there was/is a beef between them saying: “I think there was a bit of a conflict… philosophical differences being shared. I acknowledge things that go on [but] I just say I don’t feel the same way people feel towards these things… I don’t take it as world cup… when I feel something, I can express it, I express it through music and then I keep it moving.”

He claimed the song ‘godmc’ in contention “came from me hearing a song… For me as a creative artiste is someone who is fearless and bold, when I disagree with something and I feel a certain way about it and I can address it in music and I did that and I just keep it moving.”

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