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Portfolio writes: We owe you an APOLOGY Papa J, they lied



Portfolio writes: We owe you an APOLOGY Papa J they lied, dawuroGH

Since childhood, I have harboured nothing but unquenchable bitterness for you owing to how history and its tellers demonized you to us. You have been painted as a monstrous, callous and malicious leader and that has registered on my mind till date but now I know to every story, there is ” their truth, “My truth ” and the “TRUTH”.You are human, yeah, you have your flaws ” yes, you might have abused your junta in a way “yes” but  they filth- packaged some part of  your good deeds with stench and sold to our generation as the gospel truth.

Look at our markets ,commercial people, businessmen and traders now, taking advantage of the CORONA pandemic  to exploit, extort and manipulate desperate panic buyers at exorbitant and skyrocketing prices of basic items.. Tripled the cost of average goods in the wake of a very pitiful circumstance. Some are hoarding goods, just to Inflate the system to reap inordinate and super normal profits in dying moments.

This was what got on your nerves, got you up and doing, to intervene for the poor, to step  in for the paupers, to be the voice of the voiceless, to teach such insensitive and opportunistic business people lesson and feed them a pound of their own flesh through corporal and penal justice.

This was why you were projected the devil but now I know  you were justified. I equally would have done same. To observe this go on with no one to step in is sickening and heart breaking.

Forgive me once again “PAPA JAY” writers of history need to review and tell posterity, they lied for reason best know to them. Covid19 is an Eye-opener and this time, I am a witness to history itself


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