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punchline lol….. “Have you tried Running with those long legs” Actress Nana Akua slams Yvonne Nelson



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Reinventing oneself is the way to go instead of complaining about people who ‘slay’ for events or Social media, says actress Nana Akua Addo.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Addo hit back at actress and movie producer Yvonne Nelson for criticizing her colleague actresses on Sunday morning, hours after the 2017 Golden Movie Awards ended.

Listen,let’s put in same energy to bring back the dead industry rather than slay on carpets cuz truthfully y’all know there’s no work!” read one of Nelson’s tweets.

Addo’s post started as a lecture of a sort about what ‘Red Carpet’ is.

RED CARPET is an industry called Fashion(SLAY) YES!!Either reinvent and help the industry grow or become a Commentator Technology is making video and content the future. The industry is for the TALENT. TALENT will keep you relevant in the industry long LEGS may get weak with time.

It ended with a call on Nelson to try running with her long legs if slaying is not working for her.

CHANGE is here if you can’t embrace it,join them “if you can’t beat them !!!!! IF slaying is not Working for you , have you tried running with those long legs? It’s called reinvent either ways Ghana is winning My break time is up back to class…. #WomenInFilm #nanaatnewyorkfilmacademy

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Read previous report below. 

Actress and Movie Producer Yvonne Nelson has slammed her colleague actresses and the organizers of the Golden Movie Awards.

In a series of tweets Sunday morning, she lashed out colleague actress for their inability to see that “the industry has lost it’s (sic) way” because they all they want to do is “slay” and be posted on Social Media.

Nelson also wondered why Mimi Andani “a reality star…turned musician… turned designer….turned event organizer!!!” is the brain behind the awards scheme, whilst admitting she is “doing something with her life.”

The rant came hours after this year’s awards scheme end. Nigerian s swept away a number of awards with their Ghanaian colleagues lagging behind.

Read her tweets below.

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