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Understand the”Strongman-Kweku Smoke Issue better” – PORTFOLIO outlines



Strongman Kweku Smoke Issue, dawuroGH

A tweet from Kweku Smoke yesterday evening saw a reply from fellow rapper Strongman which turned the trends on the social media platform. Many people have had views on the matter but Portfolio outlines 5 key points for you to have a better understanding of the whole issue.

See them below;

The Tweet

The Points

1) Kweku Smoke has been forcing his way through the heart of Sarkodie uninvited lately by weighing into issues that doesn’t concern him. I don’t know if to win sympathy support or to be signed.

2) Strongman also read wrong meanings into Kweku Smoke’s tweet, he meant Sarkodie still shares strongman songs even after parting ways with him and to him it’s impressive. So it was more of a compliment than a diss to eulogise Sarkodie for his support if you ask me.

3) Strongman tweet was also to take advantage to let the world know the lingering issues and ugly treatment he suffered under Sarkodie but has massaged the untold story to escaped being tagged a sell-out. so he had wanted the least chance to pour the truth out and Kweku’s misconstrued tweet nearly sparked it.

4) If kwekuSmoke is observant, even among his industry peers and music fans, he should know he has lost popularity ever since he disrespected legend Asem and senior most ball-J all to impress Sarkodie. And you know Strongman is one admirer of the Asem .

5) In Strongman recently released track “MY VOICE”, a section of the lines cautioned Kweku Smoke indirectly to stick to his lane but I think Strongman’s parable raps didn’t find its way into the guy’s understanding.

My judgment : Kweku Smoke is boot licking and forcing his way to Sarkodie’s heart and that’s fine but he shouldn’t drag people’s name into it when trying to please him.

If you read the first part of Strongman tweet, you will know he doesn’t want to cross paths with Smoke already and so he fell in his trap and he responded with emotions over discernment.

Then also, every oppressed person (in this case Strongman) will also take kwekuSmoke’s tweet as if ” he has been fed with an info about strongman under Sarkcess label considering how it was revealed.

Finally, I will ask Kweku Smoke just to shut up lately, retweet at Strongman and explain the rationale behind his post. And I will ask Strongman never to waste a line of a bar to engage him in any lyrical beef since it will only be an advantage for Kweku Smoke because Strongman is a lyrical brand and considering his league shouldn’t be giving Kweku Smoke his time. He is not Worth it lyrically.✊✊✊✊✊ but to wrap up, the real Target is Sarkodie for those who have eyes .lol

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