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WATCH: ‘Cos Ov Moni 3’ coming soon?



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The FOKN Bois (Wanlov and M3nsa) are out with their latest video, ‘Accra by Night’ taken off their “FOKN Ode To Ghana” EP.

The video talks about Accra but it was filmed in Joburg to to mock that fact it has become a trend to shoot a video in Joburg. After all…they are not called the “Accurate Bois”

Meanwhile the duo may soon return with part 3 of their hit pidgin musical, ‘Cos Ov Moni’. Wanlov told blogger, MissBee that he was considering making a third instalment to his Ghanaian Pidgin-English musical ‘Coz Ov Moni’.

According to Wanlov,a third film is a possibility, although Kubolor has ruled out self-funding the production. “We used our own money to make both films and we are thinking we need to pre-finance the third one – we can’t use out money again. ”

Kubolor is all too aware of how challenging it is for Ghanaian filmmakers to source the required investment to make films. ‘Coz Ov Moni I and Coz ov Moni II (FOKN Revenge) have been one of only a number of films from Ghana to be showcased at film festivals across the globe, including at the UK’s annual Film Africa festival. At this year’s event (28 October – 6 November) only three films from over 50 films came from Ghana.


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